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Delay in recovery, first line "Opens fire" on Arcs director: "Shameless words"

Delay in recovery, first line “Opens fire” on Arcs director: “Shameless words”

Editorial Board
06 June 2021 10:55

“Uncomfortable and aggressive, shy and excited”. The regional health unions did not hesitate to comment on the words of ARCS Director Giuseppe Donuti, who blamed the delay in the recovery during the Third Council Commission for “leaving time before ambulance and self-medication took over.” Download the organization’s inefficiency on regional emergency service operators, “said Matteo Modica, Tristay’s FSI provincial secretary.

“A Bad Habit”

“For a long time, the unions have denounced the serious structural defects of the groups’ places. Dr. Donutti (who is a healthcare professional by training edition) can now wash his hands and accept the responsibilities. . Modica defines it as “an Italian bad habit for executives to blame the workers they co-ordinate”, adding that Fabio Pottoschnik, the regional secretary for files, took their tough stance.

Status of files

“We stigmatize the words of those in the headlines of this organization who are responsible for the late rescue operations on the ambulance crew. This should not be attributed to the ambulance staff or the central staff. Since 2017, the year SORES has been implemented, we have been critically reporting “issues missing valuable improvements”.

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