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Dead Space, all that the EA intended to say during the long stream

Dead Space, all that the EA intended to say during the long stream

Almost suddenly, after the official announcement, EA Motive decided to offer a remake of its long-running Dead Space. Here is what they posted.

Long rumored, but apparently not expected by any horror lover Dead Space remake It was announced a very long time ago, and since it was a project that was still in its infancy, it was hard to expect anyone to know what update was from the team in control of development. On the other hand, in the interest of honesty and irresponsibility, EA aims to surprise everyone with a long-running show, during which they show that they want to open a live line with the brand’s large fan base. His frightening creature made it clear that they already had a precise vision of what he should look like.

We can only like this kind of openness to the public, but we appreciate the team’s willingness to offer something more than unusual conversation. During the live show, in fact, Motivation showed some short games and elements still in full development.

In which Dead Space Preview Let’s find out what the key information that came out was.

Updated but always terrifying game

Dead Space: Original vs Remake

Let’s start with what we saw on the scale Sports, Because Software House seems to have followed the path predicted by many at the time of revelation: to implement modern Dead Space Mechanics in the settings of the first chapter. Attention, the game has always had the same basis, and its purpose has made it clear that they want to keep the rhythm of the original work in every way (defining it as one of its most successful components); However, these sites have become more modern, so “Fragmentation“At the bottom of the fight, fast and accurate (closer to the second and third episodes), there is the possibility of attracting the enemy’s limbs and using them as bullets. Exiting pieces of flesh and bone clearly show the bone before it breaks.It is very appropriate to destroy the flesh of the enemy and others can really change the balance in battle as the limb is cut.

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However, that is not all: sections even a Zero gravity They will use the operating system of the second episode (which allowed him to move freely using mini-jets in Isaac’s suit). A significant improvement, which will force developers to review the status design of those grids. Ah, to point it out: EA stated that there would be no purpose microtransazioni In this remake. Many may think it is not necessary to point this out, but after so many unwise choices have been made about it in Dead Space 3, setting a record immediately is a wise move.

Same storyline, with a few more

Dead Space: The Art of Vague Concept
Dead Space: The Art of Vague Concept

Game changes are not the only novelty of this remake. And there Story Although they stated on purpose that they did not want to distort it in any way, it was partially recovered. The aim is to expand the original story with new dialogues and some additional stories. In practice, the team wants to better position the original game in the universe of the series and expand its story background. However, in this aspect, another gem should improve public immersion: The Original voice actor Isaac, Connor Wright, returns to give voice to the protagonist. A little problem … Isaac Saga was quiet in the first game, so most of the remake ‘s developers decided to keep the young engineer’s mind on most topics and keep him talking only at sensible moments or when asked .. In our opinion the best choice is because Isaac is a “character” Maintains the will to change without affecting the tragic situation of his predecessor.

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Dead Space: Necromorps terrifying
Dead Space: Necromorps terrifying

And this Department of Technology? Well, it is still too early to talk considering that the EA mission has been working on this project for less than a year. What we saw in the short shots shown is already very promising and the project keeps the original color palette almost unchanged, focusing on the advanced lighting and the high realism of the objects (obviously not counting the inevitable steps forward in both). In polygonal details and systems).

In short, an interesting update, which gives us hope. We sincerely hope that EA Purpose will continue to be open to fans and will see more news about the remake soon.

It is clear that a lot more is missing in the Dead Space remake, but EA Motive has already decided to open its contact channels and deal with fans. What we have seen, frankly, gives us confidence, and from time to time we ignore the intervals that are designed to keep in touch with players and gather feedback. The potential for a better job really exists.


  • He wants to improve, without affecting the original feel
  • What we have already seen now seems certain