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70% of Italians over the age of 12 are vaccinated.  Figliulo achieved his goal (by changing it), but 3.8 million over the age of 50 are not out yet

70% of Italians over the age of 12 are vaccinated. Figliulo achieved his goal (by changing it), but 3.8 million over the age of 50 are not out yet

8 months have passed since the start Vaccine campaign Against Covid, Italy reaches it 70.14% More than 12 people have been vaccinated: the daily report was updated on September 1 at 6 p.m. 37,882,252 Completed the vaccine course (total 77,840,987 dose administered). Organization of Commissioners, headed by General Francesco Palo Figiliolo, Herd immune target celebrates al achievement 70% At the end of August. In fact, a goal was reached with the trick: in the plan presented by the commissioner last March, the herd immunity was talked about. ” The entire population“. Suddenly then the Note basic It has changed, it has become a “population of more than 12” and we can say that the set goal has been achieved. Above Trick To get a few percentage points, the real one Failure The vaccination campaign has always been linked to the vaccines of high-risk groups, even today (according to data released by a recent government report) 3.8 million over 50 Those who do not receive even a single dose.

In March, General Figliulo was elected the new Prime Minister Mario Draghi Guide the commissioner structure so he can deliver the vaccine campaign Piano Setting consecutive goals, all significantly connected The size of the scales Managed. First, the record Half a million dose a day: It was supposed to be a rhythm to be kept throughout the summer, but it was achieved Of late And rejected throughout the month August, When the number of vaccines drops below 2 million per week. Popular targets then linked to herd immunity: 60% by end-July, 70% by end-August and Long-awaited 80% In early October.

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However, the plan still reads clearly today: “The total vaccinated population (over 16 years of age) is less than 51 million”, “Herd immunity was calculated with three possible limits (80-70-60%) The entire population (Even under 16) “. There was a note in March 16enni This is because no Govt vaccine is approved below that age limit. This is not a small detail: herd immunity is now calculated in the vaccinated population (which is low), but Upon returning to school Mainly youth, including those under 16 years of age To pull Vaccination campaign last month.

Common numbers suggest that the campaign continues at a predetermined pace, but in the meantime it is France That Spain Italy surpasses population-wise administrations (source: Our world in data, Oxford University Portal). Specific numbers suggest that there are several drawbacks to the “quality” of the campaign: the last one Weekly report The government, released last Friday, says they are still there 3.8 million over 50 Not even vaccinated with a single dose. More than 500 thousand 70enni, More than a million 60s And nearly two million 50enni. What is the big contradiction Under 20 Still waiting for the first administration at full value They are low: 755.896 16-19 years old E 1.377.744 12-15 Annie. On the whole they are More than just 2 million.