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Days Gone on PC, Sony Lists Bend Studio Upgrades And Features -

Days Gone on PC, Sony Lists Bend Studio Upgrades And Features –

The days went by Is coming PC, By Steam and Epic Sports Shop and Team Sony Bend Studio Is back on Twitter to bring a quick list Improvements and features It is found in the Windows version of the former exclusive PS4 game.

Therefore, the release date of the days con on the system is fixed April 26, 2021, So it wasn’t too long before this new version came out Windows, And these are the specific features that Bent Studio announced through its Twitter account, with a lot of gif-meme with the protagonist Deacon we can see in the message below:

  • Ultra-white monitor support
  • Frame rate opened
  • Improved graphics
  • Support for achievements
  • Others

It is clear that the developers did not go into much detail in describing the improvements that will be used to end the days on the system, but in the meantime we may have an idea about this, awaiting more precise tests and analyzes in this regard. At the very least, the Frame rate opened This means we can play 60+ FPS If you have a good PC, as well as higher resolutions 4K.

Meanwhile, PC requirements, images and details were released in early February, shortly after the arrival of Windows was announced. Denise Kahn’s new flagship Sony games flagship, the former exclusive PS4, which will be coming to the computer starting this spring, is waiting to find other titles.