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If you finally want to get longer battery life, here is why you should download the iOS 14.5 update on your iPhone

If you finally want to get longer battery life, here is why you should download the iOS 14.5 update on your iPhone

For the time being allotted to the developers, Cupertino is still working on upgrading the iPhone battery, as demonstrated by the iOS 14.5 update. This includes recharging the battery. Apple wants to take care of your battery when it is operating abnormally. This innovation was discovered by the site 9to5Mac There is already a page in the support section of the Apple site that explains in detail the long-term effect of this option on your iPhone. According to Apple, “iOS 14.5 will be available later in the spring, including an update that will review the battery level reporting system for maximum battery capacity and peak performance from the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Correct incorrect estimates from battery status reports. Batteries in the 11th generation iPhone are prone to various errors such as “unexpected discharges” or “reduced peak performance”. These issues are important when consumers are always expecting longer battery life. These issues come from the iOS system that misidentifies the actual battery status: “This battery status report does not reflect an issue with the actual battery status.”

“Important Battery Message: Your battery level reporting system is reviewing maximum efficiency and maximum performance. This process can take a few weeks. ”

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Apple explains that this process can take several weeks and will run while your iPhone is in charging mode. The company explains that “the maximum efficiency percentage displayed during the review does not change. Peak performance capability may be updated, but this may go unnoticed by most users. ”Once the reconstruction is complete, your battery will be upgraded with its performance and maximum capacity. The restore message will also be deleted, indicating that the process is complete.

However, Cupertino points out that in some cases this process can fail and it is best to consult directly with Apple to resolve any issues you may have with your iPhone.