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Date for Harvest Moon, A Card and French Pictures: Nintendo Switch Un Monte ர்ப்பு Cultivation

Date for Harvest Moon, A Card and French Pictures: Nintendo Switch Un Monte ர்ப்பு Cultivation

Start a new life and explore the wider world!

Manage and Grow Your Farm as you explore a world of adventure, diverse cultures and links to weaving in the harvest moon: a world to cultivate on the Nintendo Switch.

Lost heaven

Long ago, the resource-rich world nurtured the deity of crops. Large and small creatures thrive in this environment. Fruits and vegetables were grown in abundance throughout the year. However, her people, who once lived in gratitude and peace for the blessings of the Goddess of Harvest, have lost respect for nature. The generous earth then disappeared from the world and, with it, the power of the deity. However, the deity never gave up hope of being revived one day by the hand of abundant earthly destiny.

Reap the rewards of your labor

Start your farm life by catching your pitchfork, working your fields and taking care of your animals. Sell ​​the fruits of your labor and make money and turn your modest installation into real estate!

A vast world

The world of adventures is waiting for you! Your travels will take you through five harmoniously connected areas, each with its own unique climate, flora and fauna.

Plant new roots

Thanks to the sophisticated invention Expondo-Firm that you can take anywhere, now you can build a farm anywhere! You have to learn with the people of each region to adapt to their local climate, grow in your new home, how to maintain lush pastures, cultivate rice, or take good care of deer!

Develop your cultures

In a world that was once rich in crops, today it is only possible to grow potatoes. To get your hands on new types of seeds, you will need the help of whispers, but they are not easy to find …

You can give different results depending on where you are planting your seeds, don’t be afraid to let your curiosity speak for itself!

Grow new friendships

You will meet many characters during your adventures. Make new friends and become a part of the community and participate in local festivals.

Hold the ring on your finger and hold one of the five hearts to start a family!

Let your creativity speak

Express yourself by customizing the look of your character and decorating your interior with your creations!

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