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Cyber ​​Security Company. Download the latest draft of the order

Cyber ​​Security Company. Download the latest draft of the order

The cyber security company is part of the ‘new’ Atlantic deal. Biden: “Allies Against Cyber ​​Attacks”.

At 13:30 today the pre-council met in Palazzo Chiki to discuss the mandate to establish the National Cyber ​​Security Agency (A.C.N.), Defines its presidency and national cyber security framework. Among the reasons that led to these choices, it is written in the draft order, “…The foundation of the digital transformation lies in cyber security in the PNRR. “

This morning at 8:45 p.m. Franco Gabrielle He explained Kobasir The Commission Act, which is expected in the Council of Ministers, will establish the National Internet Security System (A.C.N.), The national public body tasked with managing the country’s cyber security, redesigning the structure of Italian security against cyber threats.

Kobasir is called upon to express an opinion on the speech before the government approves it, which is then passed into law by parliament. The country, according to Gabrielle, has a weakness “Lack of awareness of the dangers, due to the lack of culture in these matters: unfortunately we are too late, we have to walk too fast”.

National Cyber ​​Security Agency, Properties

This is a temporary company for cyber security. A public agency will be responsible for the Department of Information Security (DIS) close intelligence activity in any case. Before flying to Cornwall for the G7, the Prime Minister Mario Draghi Wanted to accelerate one of the key points of the Atlantic Alliance, between now and the next few days, between Italy and the administration may be strengthened Joe Biden Embrace the NATO 2030 initiative and the cooperation between NATO and the European Union. The mandate for the establishment of the National Cyber ​​Security Agency (ACN) is almost ready, subject to one thing that was directed at the Palazzo Chiki yesterday – except Giancarlo Giorgitti, Absent for agenda reasons – Majority delegates were in attendance by the leaders and the Deputy Secretary of Services, Franco Gabrielle.

How does the National Cyber ​​Security Agency work? 300 employees, could reach 800 by 2027

The body will be established under the leadership of the Council and its leaders will be nominated by the Government. The agency should have an executive role. To intervene, for example, when risks are found in the municipality’s contract for the development of a smart city if it cannot be prevented. Leading, the latter, intelligence warnings, including from Americans, Chinese investments – and related threats – are already known. Cisk (International Committee for Cyber ​​Security) was born in analogy to Cisk (Security Intelligence), the university’s technological innovation ministers are included.

The initial asset will be 300 employees, and by 2027 it will reach 800. Furthermore, in view of the new cybernetic framework, there is a targeted strategic profile: the restart and development of Italian companies. Not only in protecting against attacks. But also in the ability to create startups and companies in a continuously growing field. Today, various software required for cyber security are imported from abroad, with all the imaginary implications. The sub-title of Palazzo Chiki’s new Internet policy is to take over Italian countries.

Agency Director

The agency will have a director (who will be a senior executive in the state administration) with a four-year term (which will be renewable). It will be placed under the control of Kobazir. There are 20 articles in this order, the agency will be public, the contracts will be equal to the contracts of the Bank of Italy. 300 employees hired for a fixed period will be added at the start. Below the vertex are six directions. The nucleus for the protection of the cell will also be inside, which is currently located around the circumference of the cell. The agency will be headed by the Council of Ministers and the Representative Authority in conjunction with the new Executive Committee on Cyber ​​Security.

National Cyber ​​Security Agency, Target

The goal of the National Cyber ​​Security Organization is to make the Italian computer system indestructible by any attack. But any counter-hacking operation is unique to Italian intelligence. Before Biden arrives in Europe, the Italian government wants to bring the National Cyber ​​Security Agency as a gift to the President of the United States. If Italy gives more flexibility to cyber attacks, the benefits will be not only to our country but to the entire network.

Biden: “By the excellence of art. 5 of the Atlantic Treaty Allies are also against cyber attacks on our vital infrastructure. “

In fact, Biden Ann Washington Post He expressed his desire to extend the 5th Division of the Atlantic Alliance, i.e. the duty of mutual protection to cyber attacks. “In Brussels, at the NATO summit, I will say”, Biden wrote, “The United States’ unwavering commitment to the 5th Division ensures that our alliance remains strong in the face of every challenge, including threats such as cyber-attacks on our vital infrastructure.”

Cyber ​​Security. Biden previously forgot about his plan and now tops the NATO agenda

After the cyber attack that blocked the colonial pipeline, the US President put the forgotten cyber security in his $ 2 trillion plan “American Jobs Program, At the top of its agenda and raises inquiries into US judicial ransomware attacks, he writes Reuters, A similar priority to terrorism.

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