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Super Meat Boy - Nerdu 4. Life Author Says Xbox Series S Will Not Be Disappointed In Next Gen Games

Xbox Series S is capable of doing everything the Xbox Series X does for “Tomas Sala – Nerd 4. Life”

The next gen, now current-gen, came a few months ago, but the debate Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s “Minor” console. This device controls the possibilities Xbox Series X., Redmond Company High Level Console? According to Tomas Salah, the creator The Falconier, No, there is no danger.

Salah spoke with Gamingbolt’s microphones, explaining it in his opinion Xbox Series S It appears to be “a great package” that seems to “be able to do in a small format everything the Xbox Series X does”. Salah adds, “Is the Xbox Series S more likely to play a mid-generation large AAA game at 1080p or 1440p?”

The Falconier, Game of Thrones Salah

Sala praises not only the ambassador, but the whole Microsoft’s strategy. “Microsoft has invested its own money in fulfilling its promises: the end result I doubt many homes will see the console as a better alternative to the nursery. Understandably, at least in our view, the beginning of the console’s life cycle. ”

Therefore, the author of The Falconer is in favor of a gaming machine like the Xbox Series S and Microsoft’s cross-gen strategy. With ‘E3 2021 What’s more, Xbox can prove to deliver a lot. In this regard, our special: Read Xbox and Bethesda on E3 2021: Rumors and Forecasts.

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