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Crime gear - strive -, the date of the second beta is set

Crime gear – strive -, the date of the second beta is set

Arch System Works has a date for the second beta phase Crime Gear – Strive – Confirmed, you plan on short notice.

The second beta test will take place from May 14, 2021 to May 16, 2021, and can be downloaded in advance from May 7. Anyone who already has a beta client can continue to use it from the first trial stage.

During the second beta phase, 15 characters, including Anji Mito and I-No, are executed this time, combining the two. You can run Versus mode, Tutorial, Training mode and Network mode with online competitions using the Roll Back Netcode.

Available methods

  • Versus – Play against the CPU or another player.
  • Training – Learn the basics of the game.
  • Training – Practice with custom settings.
  • Network – Play against others from around the world. Player matches (player-created rooms) are not available during beta testing

Additional information

  • For previous Open Beta Test client holders, this will be updated to Open Beta Test # 2 Client. You do not need to download a new client.
  • Cross Play is available between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.
  • An online connection is required to run offline modes.
  • PlayStation Plus is not required to run open beta online systems.

Crime Gear – Strive – Released June 11, 2021.

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