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miitopia gratis demo

You can now play New Mitobia for free

Mytopia will soon start on the switch, but now you can play. Source: Nintendo

As Nintendo announced yesterday, you can now download the free demo of the new Mitobia for the Nintendo Switch. In it you can already create your own Mii Hero, which he can convert to the full version of the game. The new Mitobia will be released on May 21st.

You are the director

In Mitobia you decide who will play the main role in this fantasy adventure. You create your own group of heroes from the real characters and try to stop the dark prince. He is evil: the dark prince stole the faces of the inhabitants of Mitobia – he did not even stand before the king! It is important to free the citizens along with friends and bring the kingdom back into balance. But this can only be achieved by the greatest gift: the power of friendship.

In addition to your own true hero, many characters are to be filled: from the group of brave heroes with warriors to the evil prince of evil. With unique star actors, a unique adventure is created.

Mitobia Demo Trailer:

In Mytopia one meets again the dark prince’s aides. The group of heroes must defeat these crazy characters. Players decide how Miss should act: whether to heal their comrades, use spells, or go into battle. However, it’s a little more exciting, and the characters have their own ideas. Your personalities, classes and relationships play an important role among team members. The wild little brother may want to deal with double the damage, while a stubborn friend refuses to help. It’s like real life – so you definitely need to ensure a good mood in the group, otherwise Miss will get in the mood soon. There are various activities to cultivate friendships, for example cinema, hotel or do you like a cafe?

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By the way, Mitobia uses many clichs, but also destroys monotonous hero stereotypes if requested: Why only warriors and wizards? Players have different classes for their heroes. Whether it’s a princess, chef or pop star – the players decide.

By: There are cool horses this time too!

You can find the demo on your switch or on the Nintendo EShop here: Download the Mitobia demo