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Crazy World - Let's go to the open alpha of MMORPG Mad World

Crazy World – Let’s go to the open alpha of MMORPG Mad World

Mate World Open Alpha 3.0 has just launched and invites anyone interested in testing MMORPG until the weekend. Made in HTML5 and run in real time, MMORPG does not require the installation of a game client.

We mentioned, Mad world Offers an open alpha week: Test servers have their doors open and accessible until Sunday, October 31st.

This week, open to all, enthusiasts will be able to explore the preface and first levels of MMORPG – in principle, equivalent to the first five episodes of the game. And if this is a real test phase the risks of bugs and crashes (players are called in to fix them), developer Jandisoft promises to explore multiple dungeons and Employers Encounter in multiplayer raids.
For good measure, we note that MMORPG is available on all three servers, including the European server in Amsterdam, and that this game is available in Korean and English (Final World version).

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But beyond the content of this alpha 3.0, the main character of Mad World is based on the fact that the game was created in HTML5. Concrete can play the game in real time from a web browser, without having to download or install the game client. To participate in Alpha, all you have to do is Official website Click the “Play Now” button to instantly connect to test servers (you still need to create an account on the official website to play). So pay attention to those who are interested, who want to form an opinion about the game and its game, but it is a technology that is particularly accessible.

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