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New Exoplanet Discovered: It's still hot like lava

New Exoplanet Discovered: It’s still hot like lava

A research team found one ExoplanetsWhoever is so young he is as hot as lava. It is one of the youngest planets we know of to date. We know about 2M0437b.

Exoplanet 2M0437b: We know that

Exoplanet 2M0437B was discovered with the Subaru telescope located in the Hawaiian volcano Mona Kia. It is about 100 astronomical units from its star and many times larger than Jupiter. As a reminder: Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. It is 2.5 times larger than the seven planets.

“The planet is so young, it’s still hot from the energy released during its formation, a temperature similar to the volcano erupting from the Kalேயa volcano.” Was invited This is according to a report from the University of Hawaii.

Guest researcher Teruyuki Hirano discovered 2M0437b for the first time in 2018. In recent years, researchers led by Eric Ketos, the study’s leading author, have carefully studied the Exoplanet with other telescopes.

2M0437b has research capability

“Observations with space telescopes such as NASA’s Hubble and the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope can detect gases in its atmosphere and reveal if there is a lunar disk on the planet,” Eric Ketos said in a statement from the university.

More exciting things from science

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Quelle: University of Hawaii

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