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COVID-19: How to Download Your Vaccine Certificate?

COVID-19: How to Download Your Vaccine Certificate?

“The connection is made through France Connect, which allows the user to authenticate himself with the usual identifiers for the connection to certain online public services, such as his Amelie account,” explains ‘Health Insurance’. “The certified vaccine certificate can be attached directly to the” My Notebook “section of the TousAntiCovid application, by scanning the QR code that appears there, on the screen of a printed document or on a tablet, computer or other screen.

Paper certificate

Can the certificate be kept on paper? “Since May 3, health professionals vaccinating at vaccination centers or in the city have issued each certified vaccine certificate in paper form, in addition to the vaccine summary, generating a signed, medical certificate,” Medicare notes. It added, “This certificate can be obtained from a professional or center for vaccination or, if it fails, they can be retrieved from the attending physician or any other health professional.”

Please note: A European “green digital certificate” will be required to travel within the EU from July 1. From June 21, another online service will be available to download certified vaccine certificates in accordance with European standards and bilingual French-English.

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Source: Target Sante

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