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FRITZ!  OS 7.27 is now FRITZ!  Repeater is available for 6000.

FRITZ! OS 7.27 is now FRITZ! Repeater is available for 6000.

FRITZ! OS 7.27 is now FRITZ! Repeater is available for 6000.

New Fritz from AVM! Repeater 6000, this is Fritz! The repeater is identical to the 3000, costing 219 euros. However, it does provide a tri-band repeater for the WiFi mesh with the WiFi 6. It has three radio units and 12 antennas, and is said to be ideal for extending WiFi coverage at home. The 2.5 GBit / s or 1 GBit / s port can also be used for LAN data distribution on the home network. Fritz with various improvements for the repeater! OS 7.27 is now available; The update should be installed automatically. According to AVM, just like WLAN stability and performance, Fritz! A Fritz from the Repeater! Box upgraded with box mesh. WLAN vulnerable fructose is also linked.

List of changes

The stability of the system is improved.

Improved WLAN stability.

** New guides for setting up and changing access type (WLAN bridge / LAN bridge) have been integrated.

WLAN News has been updated under “System / Events”.

Improvement Many simultaneous WPS functions are better recognized.

Update DFS standby time updates have been updated in “System / Events”.

Improvement WLAN guest access (SSID, default) is named differently depending on the language selected.

Improved performance with WLAN devices that use the RealTech 11n chipset (reduce extended caps if not required)

Fixed interruption issues in uplink after numerous WLAN band changes

Problems with Negotiating Ethernet Connection Speed ​​on Lane 1 in the “Lane Bridge” operating system against Fritz!

Box 7590 AX is a standard box.

When running with FRITZ! There were problems registering WLAN devices in the 2.4 GHz range.

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Box 7530 AX is a standard box.

OK Initially there was no IPv6 connection in “Lane Bridge” mode.

Fixed (“Fragattack”) weaknesses in handling incoming fragmented packets and integrated MPDUs (A-MPDUs).

OK The WPS algorithm for WLAN guest access does not work reliably in the case of encrypted WLAN.

OK 5 WHz connection not installed in some situations after connecting via WPS.

Switching from 5 to 2.4 GHz with FRITZ! In case of undesirable, data transfer is interrupted for a few seconds.

Repeater is a device you have

Resolved When used with current Apple iOS and MacOS devices, the maximum performance rate was reduced.

Resolved Setup Wizard No graphics for configuring the WLAN bridge.

Resolved Setup Wizard Final Page Shown … This article will be updated shortly.