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Battlefield 6: One Xbox Game Pass One Day and XP Xbox Series X |  S, PS5 and PC?  |  Xbox One

The alpha version of Battlefield Xbox One will be available in July

Expected by many players, Battlefield VI Is preferred. Although the game’s release is scheduled for the end of May, we have no official information about Dice’s upcoming FBS. After many leaks about the trailer, today its alpha version is just talking about her.

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Battlefield 6 Alpha will be available in July

This again is generally very sensible _Tom_Henderson_ Let this new rumor reach us. According to him, the game’s Alpha E.A. Available with the announcement of the game during Play Live. With the immediate availability of the multiplayer alpha the publisher should really celebrate the exposure.

As a reminder, the game Xbox Series X | Available on S, PS5 and PC, but also on previous generation consoles. A few weeks ago, Electronic Arts announced that it had the largest development team ever in the series, announcing “Titanic Wars, with more players and chaos”. So fans of the genre should appreciate this new work slowly unfolding.

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