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iOS 15.4 Beta 3 offers the opportunity to download the update on 4G

Apple has never been interested in the idea of ​​downloading big updates with cellular data. If we have unlimited data in France, it is far from internationally where every GB is precious. After allowing major App Store downloads on 4G or 5G, Apple will soon be offering iOS updates on the iPhone.

No need for Wi-Fi anymore

You have the update To establish On your iPhone, but you are not at home, so you do not have a Wi-Fi network near you? No problem, the latest iOS updates can be installed quickly Via cellular data Your mobile plan for all generations of iPhone.
With iOS 15.4, Apple will no longer restrict downloads of iOS versions to iPhones with a 5G modem, all iPhone users Compatible with iOS 15 Can be used to download future updates on OTA 4G.

This novelty seemed iOS 15.4 3rd Beta Posted last night. With this technique, Apple pushes users further To establish Important software improvements for performance, stability and especially security.
Apple explains:

Use cellular data for download? If disconnected from the WiFi network, you can continue downloading using your cellular data. This will incur additional costs from your operator.

Download the iOS 154 iOS update to 4G

As you can see in the picture above, Apple is still sending you Warning I ask if you want to install the iOS update from your mobile data. A good idea for users with plans Small data envelopeApple’s decision will obviously benefit them.

If the user presses “Do not use cellular data“, The iPhone will invite him to join the Wi-Fi network to update his iPhone. At least remember 20% Battery is always required to install the update after download, at this point, Nothing has changed !

In France, downloading the big update is less of a hassle as there are cheaper mobile plans Lots of dates. In addition, compared to US operators, our performance is restricted when the data envelope is violated, which does not lead to No extra cost Extras on the next invoice.

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