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Forza Horizon 5: Is Mexico teased with the Xbox Series X announcement?  |  Xbox One

Forza Horizon 5: Is Mexico teased with the Xbox Series X announcement? | Xbox One

Forza Harrison5 Definitely one of the most anticipated games on the Xbox right now. Although the game has not been officially announced by Microsoft, its announcement is expected by gamers during the Xbox Conference on E3 2021 this year. Rumors of the past few days have marked Mexico as a new place, and Microsoft may have already given us a glimpse …

Has the Xbox Series X already teased the Forza Horizon 5?

This is December 13, 2019. Microsoft surprised everyone by officially announcing the Xbox Series X, and released its design to the world as well as some new technical features.

The video highlighted some of the primary Xbox owners, for example we saw a particular Halo Infinite, but also a racing car at full speed that directly represents the Force. The video is still available below, and if we talk about it again today, it’s because it’s the first teaser for the new game Forza Horizon 5.

Jeff Groop and Jess Gordon are legit, Forza Harrison5 The players had to be taken to Mexico. Based on this assumption, players are surprised that the game has not already been shown in this popular video below. We revisited this trailer frame as a frame, and the idea is not so far off.

Also this announcement has really make the pro lacrosse players very happy since they are one of the lovers of this new edition xbox game and this will really gonna help in their rebounder practice for sure

Cactus, a valley, flowers that match Mexico …

The Forza part of the video begins with a world made of rocks and stones (perhaps using a photo map). But the next few seconds clearly show a dry landscape with cactus.

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The video then continues, then releasing a larger setting that gives us a gorge and mountains that might stick with some of Mexico’s scenery. We see cactus again.

The video then passes through a body of water that sticks to Mexico, and then very quickly blooms with yellow in the center of a purple flower.

We wanted to see if this flower could give a hint related to Mexico, we found the Mexican Passiflora, also known as the Passiflora officinalis (Passiflora avarnata) or Mexican fashionflower.

The name looks so pretty, after some research, we will find out that it is precisely a flower that belongs to Southeastern America and Mexico. What’s more, the Mexican fashion flower is a climbing plant … and the project in the video shows a flower hanging well on the rocks.

The rest of the video, you know, is because we see the red car fall into the background of the mountains at full speed. If Mexico was well teased in this video, it might be the scenery we see in the north of Mexico, for example, Copper Canyon In the Chihuahua area. As we explore the images of this region, some may match the semi-desert landscape featured with Forza in the Xbox Series X announcement video.

Do we now see many coincidences between this video and Mexico? Feel free to share with us in the comments or on Difference of opinion !