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Fondi persi dal Comune di Spoleto, assessore Loretoni scarica colpe su dirigente

Councilor Loredoni blames manager for lost funds by Spoleto municipality

Councilor Loredoni responds to Italian brothers not participating in Home Ministry announcement

He urges municipal councilors to “stay in their place” and justifies the money lost by the Spoleto municipality for not participating in the Interior Ministry’s announcement on the offices and especially the finance manager. In a note, Commissioner Angelo Loredoni responded to a note from the principals of the Italian brothers. Remember the difficult conditions of offices due to the Govt-19 epidemic. In fact the situation that municipal offices across Italy have to face is that many of them have participated in any of the ministry’s announcements on any occasion.

Below is a press release issued by Public Works Councilor Angelo Loredoni.

In the enthusiastic tone of the municipal councilors Polinori, Santrosi and Di Cindio, members of the existing civic bodies and councilors today are referred to as “brothers of Italy”.

The press release contains incomplete data. In fact, in addition to the enormous difficulties caused by the epidemic in the municipal technical office, its staff will be somewhat affected by the Govt by 2020 and will be forced to work in a smart working system, the following should be noted:

1. In the introduction, especially during this period, characterized by complex public interventions, the management decisions of the company do not belong to the municipal councilors, they express their views only in forms and in accordance with Article 42 Dowell but to the Council;

2. In terms of merits, it should be noted that the Cabinet approved the Cabinet Order dated 5th August 2020 (Contributions to Public Works related Interventions for the Protection of Buildings and Protection of the Territory under Act 145/2018), Resolution No. 179 of ’11 September 2020, proposes the following interventions , Which is possible in the very limited range of operations provided by TM:

1. Securing road assets to 7 527,043.96;

2. Elementary school and kindergarten for 1,840,000 euros

3. All together 36 2,367,043.96. After the deadline for the call the document manager signs it with the finance manager.

The most important proposed intervention is also subject to the intervention of the Umbria region, but this delay may be implicit as it awaits full funding from the intervention of MIUR, which is directly affected by the municipality. Minister of Education., Azolina and Director General for Interventions in the School Construction Department, Managing Structural Funds, Education and Digital Innovation. The case, which had already been examined favorably, would have been set aside following the fall of the Conte government, while the Umbria region began to hesitate in favor of intervention. Intervention cannot be requested for costs greater than 100%.

The remaining proposed intervention (on roads), in September 2020, not only awaited the conclusion of an ANAS assessment, but was not sufficient for the changed circumstances, the City Council recently requested and received a plan to evaluate a road at the HQ.

The financial administrator, due to Govt., Was only able to swear in on September 21, 2020, i.e. with expired terms. Nevertheless, the audit was initiated to allow with the Ministry of the Interior, with the next call of Act 145/2018 (presumably June 2021) that the full participation of the municipality of Spoleto would be barred from any adoption, even if it was part of the above-mentioned plans.

School requirements are well specified in the public works plan approved by the City Council on March 3, 2021.

With regard to the condition of the roads, it seems appropriate to recommend that the interventions undertaken and approved by the present Council be and are ongoing and of course no precedents in previous years. Also, those on local roads, through public participation, are being explored as a way to add to the interventions.

Finally, there is a duty to draw attention to a profound change in the logic of the post-Govt interventions, both of which Myext G.eneration The EU, along with state and regional programs, introduces a legislative strategy that promotes the work of public bodies (a special CDP fund has been implemented as part of the 110% logic for this purpose) and global strategic solutions that are limited (although to be followed).

In this regard, the municipality wants to open a special conference for operators in the spring to coordinate the substantial opportunities offered today.