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Firefox puts an end to 90 FTP connections

Firefox puts an end to 90 FTP connections

The “file transfer protocol” has been the selection method for file downloads for decades. After Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox will no longer support protocol with the upcoming version 90.

Almost every software company and university had its own FTP server for downloading manuals, drivers or software updates. Most downloads now take place via HTTPS, and the outdated “file transfer protocol” – FTP for short – is declining.

FTP has always been a thorn in the side of many computer and security professionals because its use in firewalls requires compromises in terms of security, and data transmitted over FTP naturally travels over an unencrypted network. Even with encrypted FTP types such as SFTP, encrypted data storage on the server is still not possible. Lastly, not least, standard FTP applications nowadays often fail because customers do not enable PASV mode. Today there are ample alternatives to web storage and offers over the Internet, making insecure and unreliable FTP superfluous in this area.

Google Chrome has FTP support Already set to version 88, Which was released in early 2021. Pulls well Mozilla on Firefox with version 90 Then, it will appear tomorrow, Tuesday.

In versions 88 and 89 of Firefox, FTP is already disabled by default, but can be enabled by About: Structure By activating network.ftp.enabled Run again.

This entry is still valid. Starting in Firefox 90 it will be useless.

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