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Silver Case 2425 - Released on July 9, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch

Silver Case 2425 – Released on July 9, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch

NIS USA today announced the Silver Case 2425 for the Nintendo Switch. The thriller bundle will be released across Europe on July 9, 2021. Secret puzzles and repressive facts are hidden in this dark duo of two amazing crime thrillers from SUDA51’s pen.

In The Silver Castle, a city is suffocated by mysterious murders. Detectives from the 24-ward-brutal-crimes-division have a suspect in their view: Kamui Uhara, a notorious serial killer who killed several government officials 20 years ago. This case is known as the “Silver Case”. However, no one really knows who – or what – Kamui is. Has he really returned? Who is the killer of this terrible series?

25th Ward: Silver Case “Silver Case” events take place 20 years later. A woman is murdered under mysterious circumstances in the “Facet Tower Land” apartment complex. This triggers a series of random events that come with Detective Mauritius Tokyo among others. As the puzzle pieces are put together, a shocking picture emerges …


  • Surreal recovery: Two exciting crime stories from SUDA51. In a dystopian world with twists and turns, players must bring to light the terrifying truth.
  • A masterpiece: players will be immersed in the condo world. The stylish and stunning art and music of the famous composer Masaboomi Takada (Killer 7, Duncanronba, No More Heroes) creates the perfect thriller atmosphere.
  • Double offense, double playing time: Silver case for the first time on Nintendo Switch and 25th Ward.

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