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New game mode coming at the end of 2021 -

New game mode coming at the end of 2021 –

Ubisoft recently confirmed that they would like to support it again Section 2 In 2021, even though it previously put an end to the game in practice. There will be no regular news about weight, but there will be one by the end of 2021 Completely new game mode for the owner.

Ubisoft’s Massive said players want to find new ways to improve their agent and “focus on creating different types and benefits.” This new update is only at the beginning of development, Remember, so according to Ubisoft Massive it will not be available for several months: as mentioned we can wait until the end of 2021, forcing the team to postpone it until 2022, until there are no problems.

Ubisoft’s Massive “wants to make sure you have time to make the right changes in the game.” This does not mean that Section 2 will be discontinued in the meantime. The developers are going Repeat previous seasons Of the second year of Section 2. In particular, next season (which is the fifth) will be a remake of Season 2. For the team this is the best way to allow players to collect previously lost rewards and items.

In addition, Division 2 players can expect classic leagues and global events, with new “clothing events” and even some minor updates designed to improve game performance. No new content every month, but still The game is far from dead.

Ubisoft has 40 million players in the series, as we found out, so the company’s investment is no stranger. The team said they were impressed by the “continued support” of the Division 2 players.

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Section 2 will live on in 2021