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#coopforafrica alza l'asticella: obiettivo raccogliere 1,5 milione di euro

#coopforafrica raises the bar: The goal is to raise 1.5 million euros

By Marco Innocenti

Coop was launched by Coop in collaboration with the United Nations, the Sund’Ekidio community and physicians across the border to support the Govt vaccination campaign on the African continent.

#coopforafrica raises the bar: The goal is to raise 1.5 million euros

Cooperative Service

The goal is equal Reached 1 million euros So the resumption campaign: #coopforafrica, One month after it was launched, which is higher than the set target because the donations of single donors and consumer cooperatives are doubling. It is enough to exceed the limit of 250,000 people who will receive the Covit-19 vaccine. Now the resumption of the campaign will continue for another week until next January 16, trying to achieve a more ambitious result or More than 1,500,000 euros, Thus responding to the requests of many members and consumers who have continued to donate over the past few days.

Launched under good sponsorship in early December and focused on the Christmas period, Coop saw the Coop in conjunction with three humanitarian organizations such as the #coopforafrica Agency, a strong pledge of international solidarity. UN Refugees UNHCR, The Sant’Egidio Community e Physicians without boundaries. Beyond the Mediterranean Sea, there is a continent Only 7% of the population received the vaccine. In Africa, people have no choice but to govt 19 and continue to intimidate.

All three organizations involved from the outset are already active in the African region to promote the vaccine. In a way, this campaign is helping to protect the poorest countries in the world from being expelled from vulnerable and inadequate health systems. In addition to the ethical reasons, there is a need to neutralize the virus as much as possible during the mutation phase, starting with the assumption that no one will defend themselves against Covit-19.

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Thus the campaign is going on as usual. You can continue to donate using the Ebola Platform ( or Dedicated Current Account (Iban: IT 12 E 02008 05364 000106277813) or the cash desks of most co-op points. Consumer cooperatives, for their part, pledged to double their donations from the start of the campaign.

Brothers Razeto and Casareto