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Ambassador |  Sari drops Louise and calls Allen to show Vesino -

Ambassador | Sari drops Louise and calls Allen to show Vesino –

Ambassador | The wing drops Louise and calls Allen, pointing to Vesino Has a new Instagram account. Come back to follow him. Click here

New initiatives to pay off Lazarus In Turin or abroad. Leeds study Muriki Borrowed.

Reported by Ambassador, Lazio could have made reinforcements in midfield only with a big exit. Now it all depends Luis Alberto, Who did not like another bench in Milan: Although he only played in the second half, he trained at the gym yesterday. The biancoceleste club is trying to sell Spain (with a salary of more than 3 million) in January to block the liquidity index. But this is not easy: we are looking for 25-30 million collections in the budget. And because he wants the wing in his place Matthias neighborhood, Is practically free from Inter because it expires in June. The coach will immediately retrieve an old neopolitan ball in the median: he spoke Allen, Everton are now available to lend for six months. However, both Argentines and Brazilians (with a Portuguese passport) earn a lot, which is over thirty. Low springs (27). Emerson Palmeri, Now banned from borrowing in Lyon and postponed to June. Instead he is 33 years old. யான் Summer, The goalkeeper of Borussia, ended up acting like a serious defender Keba Stay on the pole. Behind Vihar Then Advice. But pay attention to the baby Marco Carnegie, Currently in debt to the Cromonese. Atlanta is the owner of the tag and did not miss a single jewelry.

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