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Pokemon Red, each of the yellow games, is sold at auction for over 000 100,000

Pokemon Red, each of the yellow games, is sold at auction for over 000 100,000

A Pokemon game from the 1990s is considered “hard to find” and sold at auction for $ 114,000.

Sealed from the first generation Pokemon games, Pokemon Red broke the world record for the price a game boy can collect.

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The Texas-based auction house Heritage Auction described it as unmatched.

It expects the copy to “sell within the five-point range”, and it was worth $ 84,000.

“Pokemon are dropping one of the most coveted games in the franchise,” it said of the Game Boy Nintendo 1998 game.

“It has a reputation among collectors for being hard to find from first generation Pokemon games.”

Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue were the first two Pokemon games introduced to the American audience.

The Pokemon yellow copy went under the hammer for $ 78,000 (6,106,800).

Heritage Auctions said it did not offer several copies “close to the mint level”.

“This copy really takes the cake,” the list says.

Asked on Twitter if they were “so rare”, Action Network Reporter Darren Rowell responded: “Until they never open!”

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Both games received 9.8 ratings each from professional rating agency Wada Games.

“Not only is it the highest quality one can believe can be achieved from Wada, it’s also from an early production stream – the pixels never looked so pretty!” Heritage Auction said about the yellow copy of Pokemon, featuring the owner logo Picasso on the front.

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“This is the first game that has allowed a Pokemon player to be tracked and contacted on the journey to Elite Four.”

Another world record was set at $ 156,000 (21 A213,600) with the auction winning the highest quality copy for the Super Mario Bros. 3 game – five times its estimated selling price.

The six-figure sum comes down to a specific description of the packaging, not the game.

“Copies of this game with the ‘Brothers’ designed on the left side of the front of the box (above Mario’s glove) are seldom found sealed and many collectors have been searching for years, but often dry out,” Heritage Auction said.

“When it comes to a sealed copy, it brings a huge premium compared to the later ‘Right Brothers’ version, because this version is so rare.”