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Control with PS5 and Xbox Series Xil RT runs at 1220p / 30fps, which supports dual sense

Control with PS5 and Xbox Series Xil RT runs at 1220p / 30fps, which supports dual sense

Control related news includes: Ultimate Edition, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | The introduction to S is getting closer and closer. Publisher 505 Games has actually provided some more information about this Psychic Action Game developed by Remedy is one of the best techniques offered in the next gen consoles.

The publisher first lists all of us Content Gallery Inside the Ultimate Edition we will see:

  • Basic game;
  • Espanzion 1 Foundation;
  • Expansion 2 Awe;
  • Expeditions game mode, photo mode and all updates released since launch;
  • Improve gratuito alla Ultimate Edition on PS5 e Xbox Series X | S;
  • All other content, including PS4 deluxe version extras (exclusive clothing and “isolation” page searches) is not included in the bundle.

As for technical updates, there is important news about both the PS5 and the Series X, which can run the title on both consoles Higher resolutions with active radiation tracking. Below is all the news included Details on game modes and dualsens support:

  • Performance mode – 1440p native resolution with 60fps, 4K output;
  • Graphics mode – native resolution of 1220p with output at 4f at 30fps (reflections and transparency) with ray tracing;
  • Own resolution of 900p and output in 1080p at only 60fps in performance mode on the Game Xbox Series S;
  • Support for haptic perception and dualsens adaptive stimuli;
  • Support for PlayStation 5 video tutorials to help you progress in the game.

Finally, it should be emphasized Original control storage for PS4 and Xbox One will not be converted to Ultimate Edition For the PS5 and Xbox Series X.This is due to the use of a game in the next gen consoles The Northlight engine version is much more advanced than its older Zen counterparts, Explained Thomas Buha of Remedy on Twitter. Finally, note that Control: Ultimate Edition is included Free PlayStation Plus Games for February And its PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades do not require additional costs.

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