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Square Enix - Nerd 4. Life Events throughout the year

Square Enix – Nerd 4. Life Events throughout the year

Tomb Rider Celebrates its year 25th Anniversary And Square Enix wants to take advantage of the opportunity by proposing Events In practice for the period 2021, starting next month.

We do not yet have accurate ideas about the events that will be organized To celebrate Popular Crystal Dynamics Series, but Apparently Tomb Rider’s 25th Anniversary Begins February 2021, Or in a few days, lasting several months throughout the year.

Expect nostalgic content, social events and even some Surprises, Based on what has already been announced by the anniversary announcing tweet below. In it, among other things, you will find an interesting video in which community executives and developers say something about the questionable anniversary, what this series means to them and what can we expect in this 2021 Reminds Laura Croft Adventures.

Although absolutely nothing is mentioned, it seems that this opportunity may be a great opportunity to present something new in terms of games: although not long in the shadow of Tomb Raider, it may be some time New, Or may be old, but is being recreated in some new form Collection Celebratory editions Remaster Classic or whatever.

Meanwhile, the Tomb Raider relaunch for iOS and Android was announced last November, while the multimedia view has an animated series on the Netflix production, and has found a new film director and screenwriter.

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