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Confindustria Udine, Anna Marreschi Danieli has no second command

Confindustria Udine, Anna Marreschi Danieli has no second command

UDINE. There will be no new order for Anna Marasi Daniel. The Confederate Udin Panel, which voted on the re-election of the president, received 24 votes in favor, 10 against and three.

The majority for Marchi Daniel is yes, but not enough, because the law provides – in the event of a re-election – an 80% stake in favor. That no.

“Confindustria expressed its consensus in the General Council of Yudin last June on the demand not to go to new elections for the specific economic and social period that has characterized the country over the past two years. Confirmed sign obtained as unavailable.

This is the path that led to the vote, and as a result I surprised the participants and the majority like me. “Ambush” is an entrepreneur, a member of the council, to define the outcome of a referendum, to define the unexpected, to be simple.

As mentioned, this referendum has already got a very different result, i.e. 97% of the votes yes to the proposal.

Then the process started again. The reason? The consultation on the proposal for a mandate order to Anna Marechi Danieli is to undertake a comprehensive process involving a large number of entrepreneurs.

So the mechanism was restarted by handing over the task to the advisory board, re-testing the entrepreneurs with the approval of the proposal of the famous “smart” (Angela Martina, Mario Bolsonella and Italo Colino) and collecting a similar result: the vast majority said yes, no plan for alternative candidates.

With these results, the wise returned to the Council and the House undertook the task of voting in the proposed re-election of the President.

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While it confirms the confidence of the substantial majority Udin Confindustria Council in Anna Marace Daniel, it is not enough to approve the proposal to re-appoint Confindustria Udin as chairman. Facts so far.

Reading them provides a split hopeful association that must decide how to move forward.

“An association should probably look inward at a sad moment” is the opinion of an entrepreneur who wants to postpone an official statement to another moment.

It is difficult to define the future, it is necessary to take the law into our own hands. Marachi Danielle completes his order.

Encouraged by the outcome of the referendum, Giovanni Fontoni, the last president, sees complex opportunities “for the next few weeks.” The advice – Fontoni recalls – has already revealed a different conclusion in this matter. I wonder, in the face of this decision, if we should not start the process of evaluating whether all sub-positions should be re-appointed.

Suspicion, in essence, may be “outdated” by the Confederacy Council. “Correcting relationships” is preferred by Fontoni. But don’t you think this is Teja Wu? Even 4 years ago Confindustria Udin split.

“That situation is different – according to the entrepreneurs – and” the weights are “different” with two candidates competing in the order of 50%. “There are no alternative candidates at the table this time.”

What is even more bitter is that “no contradictory voice was raised during the pre-referendum debate”, and this would not have happened.

After reading the item on the agenda, there will be no requests for intervention, go directly to the secret ballot and count the votes that gave the known result.

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A decision that confirms that “the president has a majority” concludes Fantoni. Large but not enough to select it again.

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