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Ninja Download Manager for PC Windows

Ninja Download Manager for PC Windows

We often need to download software, music and videos from the Internet. Obviously, a web browser’s native download feature is a good option to choose when you need to download something. However, the problem starts when you need to download something in bulk or schedule a download. It becomes difficult to manage multiple downloads in your browser. Sometimes the browser may not pick up the download link, so you have to start over. But you can take help of a free download manager. In this article, we are going to introduce you another download manager Ninja Download ManagerConsider a free alternative Download Internet Manager Where IDM.

Ninja Download Manager for Windows PC

Ninja Download Manager offers most of the options of IDM. Some of the features are mentioned below:


  • Pause/Resume Download: Like other traditional download managers, you can pause and resume any download in this app. Sometimes you may get unpauseable connections. However, Ninja Download Manager can suspend such links as well.
  • Limit download speed: Suppose you don’t have a good internet connection and you need to download software and surf the web. During this time, you can limit the download speed to maintain the browsing speed. Ninja Download Manager has the ability to do this.
  • Download Video: There is no need to choose any third-party web application when you download online videos using this free download manager. The best part is that you can convert the video to different formats after downloading. However, you must respect copyright.
  • Multiple tabs for different levels: Most download managers have only one tab where you can see completed, pending, paused and more downloads. However, Ninja Download Manager can categorize downloads based on current status.
  • Browser Integration: Like IDM, you can embed this download manager in all popular browsers like Google Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer etc.
  • Whitelist Website: If you have the browser add-on installed, you can see the download icon on every whitelisted website, including DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc. However, if you don’t want to, you can remove the website from the whitelist. A new site can also be added to the list.
  • Connection Manager: Not only a download manager, this tool can also be used as a password manager, where you can keep your login details safe.
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Free Internet Download Manager Alternative

Many features are included in this download manager for Windows. To get started, download and install it on your Windows PC. Then start downloading the file. You can copy the download link and click Further Sign and paste here. You can choose a type, save path, save filename, save sequence.

To limit the download speed of a particular download, right-click on it and select Limit download speedand select the desired speed.

Ninja Download Manager is a free alternative to Internet Download Manager

To use the connection manager, you can click to prevent A visible sign in the top menu bar. To download videos, you can copy the link of the video and click youtube logo In Ninja Download Manager, paste it and select options according to your needs.

Limitations of the free version

The free version has some limitations. You cannot upload video larger than 720p. Whether the original video is a 1080p video or a 4k video, you need to download it in 720p. Second, you have to manually copy the link from the browser and paste it into the download manager. Third, the free version doesn’t have its “boost technology” that can increase your download speed by 10 times. The UI options are also a bit limited.

But considering all the features, Ninja Download Manager Free is very useful. You can download it Official site.

Is ninja free to download?

Yes, Ninja Download Manager is a free download manager that you can use on your computer. It is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10 and some other older versions. It is possible to pause direct download, limit download speed, download videos from different websites etc. The best thing is that you can integrate it with almost all popular browsers.

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What is an alternative to Internet Download Manager?

Ninja Download Manager is one of the best alternatives to Internet Download Manager. You can download Ninja Download Manager from the official website for Windows 11, Windows 10 etc. Although the user interface is completely different from IDM, you will find similar features in Internet Download Manager.

Ninja Download Manager is a free alternative to Internet Download Manager