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Competition for the vote of the Auditor Court: Notice issued

Competition for the vote of the Auditor Court: Notice issued

In the Official Gazette of the Republic – 4th Special Series, Competitions and Elections n. 51d 29 June 2021 A new competition based on qualifications and exams has been released, a Seventy Places As the Legal Secretary in the role of the judiciary in the Court of Auditors (Download the announcement below).


Candidates joining the following categories can register for the competition:

A) Ordinary judges appointed following the competition for the examination, who have passed the recommended internship and received a positive rating on eligibility;

b) State Attorneys and Public Prosecutors in the Second Pay Class;

c) military court judges and executive judges;

d) lawyers registered in the relevant professional register for at least five years;

e) Permanent employees of the public administrations mentioned30 March 2001, Article 1 of the Legislative Order, paragraph 2, n. 165, Staff of the two branches of Parliament and staff of the Presidential Secretariat of the President, officers of social organizations, and military personnel of official character.

Such employees must have been hired to participate in the competition Through public competitions, they must have a law degree, obtained at the end of a university course of at least four years, they must have an administrative qualification or hold functional positions to access a diploma degree with a minimum of five years. Service;

f) Permanent teaching staff and researchers of universities, certified or nationally qualified in legal matters, with at least three years of service.

Application must be submitted to participate in the competition Not after 24.00 on September 27, 2021 Exclusively electronically.

To submit the application form, candidates must have a Certified Email Address (PEC) in their name and register on the competition portal ( Follows the procedure indicated therein.

Candidates at the time of filling the application An updated syllabus should be sent with a list of components relevant to their publication and assessment of their careers, for example, service provided in graduate grades, other degrees, special courses or postgraduate qualifications, teaching activities at the university, subjects, civil, administrative, judicial and state attorney. .

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Only candidates who have been judged to be worthy of proven skills and performance will be allowed to sit for the positions held, for the qualifications held, for matters related to the activities performed or for matters related to the institutional functions of the Court, which have been developed and published. Written tests. Of accounts.

The competitive process consists of four written tests and an oral test.

On Written tests Candidate’s knowledge of the following subjects will be assessed: with reference to Civil Procedure and Commercial Law, Civil Procedure Law; Constitutional law and administrative law; General accounting, financial science and financial law; Functions of the Court of Auditors.

The module is available at

Introduction to Administrative Law
Picozza Uugenio, CEDAM, 2018

The Oral tests Tests already written and will focus on the following additional subjects: international law and EU law, regional and local jurisprudence, tax law and general economic law, criminal law and criminal procedure law, economic policy, regulatory bodies and public administrations, economic statistics and foreign affairs. Knowledge of language.

Civil code

To prepare for the exam you can download:

Civil Code 2021
Updated to the latest law

In the Official Gazette of the Republic of Italy – The 4th special series of 29 October 2021 “Competitions and Exams” will mark the place, date and time of the written tests.

Competitive Court of Auditors >> Download PDF Text