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Vanguard: Remedy Entertainment signs partnership with Tencent to shoot free shooter-ntower

Finnish Development Studio Compensation Entertainment, Max Payne became especially famous through the game Tencent One Development, Licensing and Distribution Agreement A Free Co-op free-to-play shooter Closed. Playing with code name “Vanguard“Currently under construction for unspecified consoles and PCs.

Under the agreement, Remedy Entertainment will release the game worldwide, while Tencent will localize the game to select Asian markets. Tencent will also develop and release a version of the game for smart devices. Both companies are responsible for their own publishing and operating costs in their respective regions, while transferring some of the revenue to another after development costs have been offset. As for the mobile version, the parties have agreed to a separate system for dividing the revenue.

Tero Virtala, CEO of Remedy Entertainment, said a Press release:

Zidat van der Virtala

Vanguard is Remedy’s first entry, implemented by our team of top experts in games that can be played for free on the Games-as-a-Service Business model. Based on the strength of Remedy we are creating something new and exciting for Cooperative Multiplayer. Expanding our capabilities to take on publishing responsibilities is the next step in the evolution of our company. We look forward to this long-term partnership with Tencent, and we can confidently say that this is a great fit in support of Vanguard’s ambitious plans. Vanguard is a unique opportunity and Tencent can serve Remedy internationally and do business in Asia and mobile markets.

The game is currently in the concept stage and is being developed with the help of Unreal Engine. The development budget for the first year after release is expected to be within the range of Remedy Entertainment’s regular AAA gaming budget.

Play-Goo-App Shooter for free Nintendo Click To see what appears. We will keep you updated.

Curious to see what lies behind the game codenamed Vanguard?

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