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Does Adidas Give Shoes for Women’s Day? Beware of corruption

Many WhatsApp users have received a message with the offer, which is very good to be true: Adidas gives shoes For Women’s Day. With the announcement, a link to take part in the competition and receive a tribute from the famous German sportswear company. By clicking on it, you will be sent to a page with a form to fill out, a simple questionnaire about your preferences. After filling in all the fields and submitting the form, you will be taken to the second screen, where you will be asked for additional data.

Does Adidas Give Shoes for Women’s Day? How fraud works

This is the place Fraud. The site, which appears on all types of adidas, asks the user to pay Shipping charges For shoes. This is the minimum amount accessible to all, but you must pay with your credit card by entering the holder’s name, card number and of course a three-digit control code.

The data ends up in the hands of site managers of malicious individuals who have been feeding this scam for years. It is not always easy to understand that you are in front of a false message, especially when it comes to chats that are already open with our contacts and it may seem like the advice of a friend or relative who sends us this delicious offer. Many people have sent the message thinking that this is actually something Real promotion Of the brand, but in other cases the dispatch was automatic, as some clicks were too much.

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Does Adidas Give Shoes for Women’s Day? How to avoid scams

The same company reported that Adidas did not give shoes for Women’s Day No. A similar advertising effort. Asks users as well Share The recipient of the message that the link should not be opened so as not to commit fraud or to share a chain that is actually well researched fraud.

There is also a simple trick to try to understand if you are done on the network Online scams Or you may encounter a fraudulently redistributed scam: Ask the person From what Phone The message was sent if you sent it voluntarily. Also, in the positive response, even when a chain sharing is done in good faith, he filled out any forms, if he had Received In fact Advertised product.