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Harding Connector Ix Industrial Certificate in New Profile Order

Profile interface Harding Connector Ix Industrial Certificate in New Profile Order

In its new guideline, PNO Harding’s Ix Industrial certifies a new profile interface. What can the mating face do.

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Ix Industrial is 70 percent smaller compared to known RJ45 connections.

(Image: Harding)

Profibus user organization EV (PNO) refers to the hardware connection face “Ix Industrial” as the new standard for Ethernet applications This is in the new PNO guideline “Profile Cabling and Interconnection Technology – Guide for Profile Version 5.0” Described. This guide was released on June 29, 2021 Profile– Provide users with reliable terms for industrial cabling.

Ix Industrial is smaller and stronger than previous RJ45 solutions with an Ethernet interface. Compared to known RJ45 connections, the device socket is 70 percent smaller. This means doubling the number of ports with a single device size or, conversely, making a device significantly smaller.

The connector has the following features:

  • Strong metal lock
  • Spread up to 10Gbit / s
  • 70% portable device socket

Depending on the application, the user can choose between straight or angled cable outlet. From the fall, the interface IP 65/67 is also available for protected environments in protected bush-grass housing.

(ID: 47487506)

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