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Competition for 275 recruitments to the National Agency for Safety of Jobs, Railways and Roads.  Download Notice - Corriere dell'Umbria

Competition for 275 recruitments to the National Agency for Safety of Jobs, Railways and Roads. Download Notice – Corriere dell’Umbria

L ‘National Institute for Railway and Road and Highway Infrastructure Safety (Anfisa) There are 275 employees working between graduates and graduates. The Competition Applications must be invited and submitted By January 27th. Aimed at filling competition spaces a Full time and permanent. Below is a list of available roles: II Professional Qualification, Professional Type Surveyor, Professional Profile of Surveyor, Economic Level PII1 25 Locations in Professional Area; 131 technical officers, economic status C1; 5 Geological Officers, Economic Status C1; 2 statisticians, economic status C1; 2 Human Factors Technical Officers, Economic Status C1; 10 IT executives, economic status C1; 70 technical collaborators, economic status B1; 10 IT collaborators, Economic Level B1; 10 executive officers, economic status C1; 10 Management Collaborators, Economic Level B1.

Among the ministries, the state attorney general and the prime minister employ 2,293 people.  Download the notice

New staff will be assigned to the following positions. Central Offices: Rome, Florence and Genoa. Regional Operations Offices: Northwest Territory, Offices Genoa, Torino e Milano; Northeast Area: Offices Venice e Bologna; City area, offices Roma, Florence, Cochlear, Ancona e Pesara; South Area, Headquarters Barry, Naples, Catania e Palermo. To participate in the competition for recruitment in various professional profiles, the following general requirements are required: citizenship of Italy or another member state of the European Union or other types of citizenship indicated in the declaration; தேக ஆராக்கியம்; Enjoying civil and political rights; Enrollment in active political electorate; Police security measures should not be subjected to probation or preventive measures; Lack of dismissal activities or dismissal from work in public administration due to continuous inadequate performance; False documents were not reported to have been confiscated or dismissed for obtaining public employment for being tainted by an invalidity that could not be prepared or corrected. Absence of criminal conviction or in any case a definite provision of judicial jurisdiction, as well as a penalty for the use of a sentence on request under Article 444 Criminal Procedure Code Under the current rules, become convicted of offenses involving lawsuits that prevent you from establishing an employment relationship with the public administration or of offenses involving dismissal from public office in any case; Is not barred from public offices or, by law, subject to dismissal of employment in public administration, or subpoenaed for termination of employment or work relationship in accordance with Art. 32-quinvices of criminal law, or should not be subjected to precautionary measures restricting individual liberty; Under current law civil servants and male candidates born before 1986 may not be compliant: the usual status regarding military service duties. Obviously, there are specific requirements based on the profile of the candidates contesting. Requirements listed in the notice of possible competition Downloaded by clicking here Or you can download the pdf below.

Candidates for the competition for the recruitment of graduates and graduates from Ansfisa will be selected in the following stages: Written examination and evaluation of qualifications. Ansfisa promotes and ensures oversight of the safety conditions of the national railway system and road and motorway infrastructure. The Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Movement implements the oversight function in its operations. The application to participate in the competition must be registered in the Step One 2019 system, logged in with SPIT or CI credentials and submitted exclusively electronically by 6pm on January 27, 2022.