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The Galaxy S22 Ultra will be real special with the best S Pen

The Galaxy S22 Ultra will be real special with the best S Pen

That Galaxy S22 Ultra Not only spiritual but also material will be the true heir Samsung Retired Note Series, They say Design And above all now specific admission S pen In the body. One detail may seem trivial, but it makes a big difference. Galaxy S21 Ultra Pioneer, In fact, it restricts support for the S Pen without improving its technology and assigns the task of keeping the stylus safe when not in use to the most uncomfortable and ugly content. For Galaxy Z Fold 3 Samsung has reviewed the special edition of the accessory, which is less sophisticated than it came con Galaxy Note 20 And the retractable stylus is fitted so as not to scratch the non-glass foldable screen, so extra caution is required.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra will restart the Note series in all respects, so the S Pen will not be brought back into the body of the smartphone, but will go on and on. Improves its technology. According to the latest rumors from Zariab Khan, known for his YouTube channel XEETECHCARE, the first “Super natural writing experience“, It’s an incredibly natural and on-screen writing experience Significant reduction in delay Compared to the previous model.

In particular, according to rumors The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s S Pen should provide a response time of 2.8 milliseconds, With that one Three times faster Compared to the Galaxy Note 20 equipped S Pen (equivalent to 9 milliseconds).

As for the key specifications of the smartphone, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have five rear cameras, which should be the main sensor. 108 MP With support HDR 12-bit. Finally, the wire should be from charging 45W And the base model should offer 8GB of RAM. In fact if the Galaxy S22 family is officially released on February 8th with an unpacked event, They are now re-emphasizing in South Korea, It is not long before we know the full identity of the next Samsung flagships.

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