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Company portal, site for centralizing and downloading professional documents

Company portal, site for centralizing and downloading professional documents

Today, creators, entrepreneurs and business leaders have many tools to support them in all their legal practices, from building their business to closing it. These tools include the company portal. Accepted by different companies this site offers different types of services. Do you want to know more? In this article, you will find the essentials to know about the companies portal.

The Company portal Provides access to a web site and information system resources used by various organizations through a single interface. It is an independent and simple, but reliable and well-protected tool. This allows companies to better focus on the management of management documents used by professionals.

According to its users, the Company Portal is a high-performance tool for identifying companies and searching for certain source documents without the risk of error. Easy to use, just a few clicks to download the documents you are looking for.

In addition, it makes it easy to share and view all professional documents.

Who has access to the company portal?

Companies portal is generally accessible to different types of professional profiles. Among those most in need are companies working in real estate. The tool allows these companies to check the status of their employees working as self-employed. For self-employed entrepreneurs, this is mainly used to justify their professional status. Businesses, on the other hand, use it to create collaboration files. In fact, they collaborate with many employer profiles.

In addition, the services of the company portal are used by various accounting or law firms to create all their documents.

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What services are provided on the platform?

The company’s portal offers a large number of services to its users. First, it allows them to obtain professional management documents such as KBIS and other official documents of their company in a very simple manner. From the company portal site, all documents less than 3 months can be downloaded and stored later, but they can also be centralized.

Among the services provided, there is also the option of sending documents in PDF format by email. Additionally, users can not only monitor the history but also gain access to the management system that uploads their documents. Finally, the company portal provides them with telephone support 20 hours a day, six days a week.

What are the benefits of the company portal?

By using this site, companies can access all their laws, their RIB, account balance and more with a single click. All documents are centralized and there is no need to do long searches to find them. So, they are ready to download, view or send unlimited immediately.

With the company portal, collaboration between co-workers and business partners will be closer and more efficient. With this tool a partner can share documents with his colleagues. In addition, you do not need to rely on the Internet to work on a document.

Finally, there is customizable space for all operating system users. The company portal makes it possible to create a growing and personalized personal space.

Comments of subscribed companies on the company portal

On the Internet, all companies that have already used the company’s portal say they are satisfied with the many positive reviews. In addition, they point out that thanks to its services, they are practical and beneficial. So the benefit of this site is unanimous.

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Accessing the Company Portal: How to Do It?

Access to the companies portal is very simple. To access it, all you have to pay for the subscription is a monthly billed subscription priced at 29.90. Before subscribing to this subscription, the operating system offers the opportunity to perform upstream tests to see if its various services are suitable for you: this is a trial offer for approximately € 0.99. This offer is valid for two days and provides unlimited access to the company portal. Therefore, this offer allows you to benefit from the following services:

Downloading and sharing professional documents;


Document centralization;

Support for the recovery and management of updated supporting documents.

Once the subscription is paid, you can stop it if you wish and the subscription will not be tied up. To stop it, all you have to do is send an online request and then fill out a form.

Platform registration: why and how?

For management who have simplified their company documents, registering on the company portal is a good solution. Registration is done in a few steps. First, you must first download the document. Then, after downloading the resource, you need to create an account. This allows you to take advantage of all the services already provided. It is also possible to request customer support on the companies’ portal site to benefit from customized support.

The Company Portal is a web site that integrates all the resources of a company’s information system into a single interface. This is an intranet type operating system. The company data stored there is accessible to all employees. So the company portal puts its users at the center of the information system system. All the documents of his company can be accessed through this tool by paying 29.90 per month. Prior to that, however, it is possible to avail the trial offer at 48 0.99, which is valid for 48 hours and without any guarantee.

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