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Combine the first link for Pokemon with Nerf and Puff

Combine the first link for Pokemon with Nerf and Puff

Already available for two weeks on the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Unite is very popular among players, but, once categorized games, we feel that some balance is needed for Moba to have a future. Fortunately, Timi Studios is in the game and offers weekly updates. Last week, playable Pokmon cardivore was added and the developers released a survey online for a few days to gather players’ opinions on the topic. With so much focus on its community, the team will no doubt need to make some more updates to Pokemon Unit so it is balanced and still appreciated, but it will not last long.

This Wednesday, August 4, Pokemon United also received its first merger. IfOfficial announcement Not very accurate (some details and not worth it), we have yet to compile the changes made.

When will the Pokemon Unit update take place?

The update will take effect in France on Wednesday, August 4 at 9:00 am. You will need to restart the game to update the game automatically (no need to update Pokemon Unit via console).

Which Pokemon Nerve and Puff will be affected from the first patch?

If any of the information in the official link note is not really accurate, you can see below the corrections made and the playable Pokemon affected below:

  • Many bugs fixed in playable Pokமொmon (no details),
  • Text edits,
  • Visitor mode functionality will be included in trial mode (testing will take place from August 4 to August 6)
  • Changes have been made in some Pokemon figures and skills to adjust the balance of the battles.

Dracaufeu (top)

The cooldown of the flamethrower ability was reduced and the effects on enemies were increased.

The effects of fire punch efficiency have been improved.

Fireblast capacity was reduced to cooldown and the effects on enemies were increased.

Flambassard (top)

Increased damage caused by acrobatics ability.

Damage caused by aerial ace capability has increased.

Increased damage caused by aerial ace + capability.

Damage caused by flying ability has increased.

Florist (top)

Damage caused by mud bombing has increased and its effects on enemies have been strengthened.

Magazine dance skills have been improved.

Solar beam capacity cooldown reduced.

Florisar’s Unit Move, Verdant Anger, faces more damage.

Absol (top)

Bug fixes have been made to its base attack.

Damage caused by Night Slash capability has increased.

Damage caused by sucker punch skill has increased.

Ectoplasm (potential nerve)

Bug fixes have been made to its base attack.

The damage done by shade milk has increased.

Hex capacity is low (low damage and limit).

Dream Eater efficiency has been improved.

Pyrobat (nerve)

The attack point of the pyropath is low.

Damage caused by place kick ability is minimized.

Feint capacity decreased.

Damage caused by pyro milk capacity has increased.

Zerora (possible nerve)

Bug fix in spark bug attack.

Damage caused by wild charging capacity is increased and its cooldown is minimized.

Damage caused by the Move Plasma Gale Unit is minimized.

Nicosier (balancing)

Damage caused by whirlpool capability is minimized.

Dive capacity damage increased.

Magnour (balancing)

Fixed bugs in base attack.

Damage caused by cross sap capacity is reduced.

The damage caused by close combat capability has increased.


Fixed bugs in power-up punch and bone rush attacks.


Fixed bugs in base attack.

Alola piece

Bug fix in snow alert attack.

As with the beta and all the official images of the game, DartTank will be joining the game soon in a future update. In the meantime, what do you think about those nerves and booms?


The new Pokemon Snap will be updated soon with new content on the Nintendo Switch. On the show: three new cards with their day and night variations, and 20 new Pokemon to photograph.