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FRITZ!  OS 7.24-85135 Lab is available for FRITZ!  Box 7590 -

FRITZ! OS 7.39-94093 for FRITZ! Lab! Box 7590 AX Available ›Test the next FRITZ! OS now

FRITZ! Box Manufacturer AVM is now developing the next FRITZ! OS to download as a laboratory version for the FRITZ! Box 7590 AX. This lab has new features and looks forward to future features of the next major update. The lab begins with the modernization of the user interface, new functionalities for FRITZ! Some more interesting features and improvements will continue in the coming weeks. You can now download and test the FRITZ! OS 7.39-94093 update for FRITZ! Box 7590 AX from AVM. Users of the lab version can download the update via the FRITZ! Box user interface. More information about this update can be found below or here shopping complex.

Download -> Download FRITZ! OS 7.39-94093 for FRITZ! Box 7590 AX

The new firmware is available for download on the following AVM website:

  • Download FRITZ! OS 7.39-94093 for FRITZ! Box 7590 AX
    Attention: This laboratory firmware is only suitable for FRITZ! Box 7590 AX!
    Website ->

New Features in FRITZ! OS 7.39-94093 for FRITZ! Box 7590 AX

  • Caller Announcement – FRITZ! Fon Learns to Speak: New Functions for FRITZ! Fon: The New Voice Function announces the caller’s name or number if you wish.
  • WireGuard support for setting up VPN connections easily: WireGuard is an easy-to-understand and modern VPN solution. It should be faster, simpler and slimmer than IPSec. Unlike IPSec and OpenVPN, a small number of cryptographic methods are used.
  • Mesh WLAN – FRITZ! Box more efficient than Mesh Repeater: With the new FRITZ! OS you can now use more than one WLAN band for WLAN uplink. This enables the machine to have higher data performance and stability. Previously unused WiFi bands will automatically connect when one or more FRITZ! Box products already installed with the old FRITZ!
  • FRITZ! Box is easy to use in the user interface: FRITZ! What is particularly noteworthy here is that the menu is separated from the left edge of the screen and the width of the displayed pages is truncated for better clarity. This has a particularly positive effect on the display of tables and texts, especially on large screens (resolutions) and at the same time enhances the display on smartphones and tablets.
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Notes on Lab Update for FRITZ! Box

This FRITZ! The lab version is in beta. It was tested in stable conditions before release, but it can also lead to malfunctions. AVM will not be liable for any damages caused by the use of this version. You can convert the FRITZ! Box to the official FRITZ! OS at any time using the recover.exe included in this lab package.

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