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FIFA 22: Legacy Edition - Keyart

FIFA 22 to be released on October 1 – Nintendo Switch will only get a legacy version again – ntower

Every year Groundhawk and Electronic Arts greet them with a new FIFA – once again the owners of a Nintendo Switch look inside the tube. Got it FIFA22 The next part of the most successful football simulation has been announced 01.10.2021 PC, Google Stadia, Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 4 | 5 will be published. The game is new this year. “Hypermotion technology“The actual recorded movement data is based on the players’ and team’s movements in FIFA 22 – this feature only applies to current – gen consoles.

However, owners of Nintendo Switches get it FIFA 22: Legacy Edition For the third year in a row only the stripped version of football simulation – except Updated teams and new jersey sets There will be no drastic changes in terms of gaming or graphics for the portable version. First Trailer You can watch it for FIFA 22 here:

A few months before the actual release you would like to read the FIFA 22: Legacy Edition game review? Then look at ours Review of FIFA 21: Legacy Edition The past!

FIFA 22: Will the Legacy Edition be included in your Nintendo Switch game library or will you choose another, more powerful and content-wise version?

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