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Pokemon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl are already “best sellers” on the Nintendo eShop.

Pokemon glowing diamond and glowing pearl Nintendo came into the switch yesterday, and According to maps from the Nintendo Switch EShop, they have already become “best sellers” Even in the US, UK, Japan and Australia. Both titles are a remake of the fourth generation Pocket Monsters released in 2004 for the Nintendo DS. In each of the countries mentioned, only the version with the legendary Pokemon controls the time, Dialka Must be a favorite of both by the public. Remakes of popular Nintendo DS titles have the potential to boost long-term sales slightly, with the Nintendo Switch recently surpassing 92 million hardware sales.

Sales of the owner’s previous titles on Nintendo’s hybrid platform have also gone incredibly well. There is Sword & Shield That Let’s Go Picasso & EV It’s part of the top ten best selling Nintendo Switches. The current generation of Pocket Monsters alone has sold more than 22 million copies, while two Let’s Goes have come in at close to 14 million. During the generation of the Nintendo DS, Diamond and pearl Pokemon They were able to sell over 17 million copies and at that time became the best-selling series game on the platform.


There is no denying that this lovely series holds a place in the hearts of everyone who has starred in even one of the released titles. Whether it’s the new generation or the remake, it will always be a great opportunity. For fans of franchise and new enthusiastic coaches, embark on an adventure with a loyal companion in frantic battles You need to become a strong Pokமொmon manager by catching them all or exploring the world. With the release Pokemon glowing diamond and glowing pearl A golden opportunity to experience the journey through this area, or to live again Sinno.

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Source: Nintendo Life