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Date set for iPod Pro: 2021 model

Date set for iPod Pro: 2021 model

Apple’s iPod Pro was one of the company’s biggest disappointments last year. Compared to the 2018 model, this is only slightly changed. They continued to use the processor and only released one additional graphics core, which was two years ago. The biggest change is probably the dual camera and lidar scanner, but it should keep many users cool. There should be more exciting changes in 2021.

IPod Pro: No new design in 2021

We recently announced that Apple is not planning a new look for the new model. Instead, some hardware upgrades need to be made. Like the Japanese website மகோடகர Reports, the new model may be a bit thicker. However, 0.5 mm should not have any effect. However, they are necessary to accommodate the long speculative mini-LED display that is considered an alternative to the LCD and, above all, should be scored with its high image quality and energy efficiency.

However, there is a hold. According to the report, only the 12.9-inch model will initially receive the new technology. The 11 “iPod Pro will continue to use the LCD. However, the cameras on both models will be slightly redesigned so that they will last a little longer. In addition, the position and number of apertures for Apple stereo speakers may change.

In addition, Apple is expected to launch a new chip similar to the A14X for the iPod Pro. This is comparable to the M1 chip that has been installed on Apple 13 “MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and MacBook Air since November.

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According to the website, we don’t have to be patient much longer. According to the report, Apple will have to deliver the new models before March 2021. This is not uncommon as new Pro models have been released several times in the past.

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