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Riots have professional consequences for Trump fans: "You were fired", says first Capitol striker - politics

Riots have professional consequences for Trump fans: “You were fired”, says first Capitol striker – politics

This phrase is a trademark of Donald Trump. “You’re fired”, he threw his teammates countless times on his TV show “The Apprentice”. After attacking Capitol, now his most loyal fans hear a sentence like this – from their bosses.

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The news channel CNN reports about the first Capital Strikers Dismissed or lost their job. They were part of a mob of hundreds of Trump supporters who forcibly stormed a parliament building in the US capital, Washington, on Wednesday. At that point, Democrat Joe Biden’s victory over Trump must be confirmed in Congress.

More and more people are being identified from the mob in photos and social media posts. Navistar, a direct marketing company in the state of Maryland, has announced that it has laid off one of its employees after taking a photo of his company ID around his neck through a broken-open Capitol building.

“We support the right of all employees to exercise their right to freedom of expression peacefully and legally.

Photo: Vin McNami / Getty Images / AAFP

Trump has long opposed official condemnation of the riots. 24 hours after the attack on the parliament building, he criticized the attack on the parliament and read from the paper. He announced the criminal consequences for the rioters, They are constantly referred to as “wonderful followers”.

Trump supporter Paul Davis has also lost his job. Texas-based Goosehead Insurance announced on Twitter: “Paul Davis, the Associate General Council, will no longer be hired by Goosehead.” It is not yet clear whether the lawyer will voluntarily leave the company or leave.

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