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Sicilia zona arancione e spostamenti, scarica autocertificazione

Sicily Orange Area and Travel, Download Self Certificate

Even on Easter weekend – when the entire peninsula is in the red zone – you can see friends and relatives. Self-certification form for every need download here.

With the new order, March 15 to April 6 Italy will all be divided Red or orange areas, But still partially locked Easter weekend (April 3,4,5). The yellow areas – like Sicily – will go to the upper danger range from tomorrow, with the exception of Sardinia, which will be white.

Easter weekend, visits for relatives and friends

On the Easter weekend (April 3 to 5) Italy will all be in the red zone. A kind of locking, therefore, they are All travel is prohibited – Even those in their own municipality – are not justified by proven need, work or health needs. Every citizen who is forced to leave home must bring itSelf-certification. Download the self-certification form here

However, it is possible Visit friends or relatives in their homes. The movement can co-operate with children under the age of 14 or any disabled person, at most once a day and for a maximum of two. There will be another limitation to noteஅட்டவணை; Visits from 5 to 22 are allowed, even in their other municipalities, but only on any occasion Your area.

Orange zone, movements are allowed

Free movement applies in orange areas, but only within that Common. Residents Municipalities with a maximum population of 5,000 They can move freely – always 5 to 22 – within 30 km of their municipal boundaries, but not towards provincial capitals.

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In any case, the exception would be if the required forms (for work, health or reasons of need) were to be justified in the appropriate form.