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Co-Download ... What went right in the leg / source?

Co-Download … What went right in the leg / source?

From a bed potato perspective, the leg / source show is a success for ski racing. Compared to other races, the main thing that stood out was that the racers were clearly having fun competing and cheering on each other. Even without the crowd, the mood was lively and upbeat. This is what you wanted to be there for, an evening favorite in the “Alpine Skiing Cradle” races, it all started?

What was it like?

As discussed at length in Sky Racing and other articles, the parallel advantage remains the same: head-to-head shape, winning the first racer crossing the line is easy for spectators to understand; Mountain location makes it easier to approach crowds in person (when we have them again); Small space allows for many more potential host sites; Night matches, especially when there are gladiator-like deletions, are the ones that delight the crowd.

So that’s everything from the “event marketing” side.

From a pure athlete’s perspective, parallel running is a personally challenging physical and mental marathon. Progress through the rounds requires discipline and endurance in both. Shortness of breath in your neck Even if someone is distracted, if you pass the challenge of maintaining your cool, you can adjust the tactics for running when conditions change. You need to do everything better and faster than the person next to you.

Those who do not have the same attitude (and they will appear in the comments in any article on design) correctly point out that the course for a standard World Cup race does not fit in length or difficulty. But a run, even in a relatively easy course, is very different from a run of the same course, the closest competitor will shoot next to you; Doing it 10 times will take another row beyond that level of inconvenience.

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What changed?

The event at Leg / Source reflected changes to the design based on security and integrity issues that surfaced at last year’s World Cup parallels. Here’s how it rolled

Keeping distance

The distance between courses, at 10 meters, created the space needed to minimize interference when showing lateral match play.

Everyone is running again

Marcus Waldner, chief race director for the Men’s World Cup, said: [in World Pro Skiing], There is no further discussion about honesty, and if the red trend is faster than the blue. ”

Swings down

Very straight set pairs end up betting a pretty uninteresting drag. The GS set, with significant oscillations, demanded solid skiing and quick switches. It offers a wide range of capabilities, including pure GS or SL. Consisting of skiers or skiers of a certain (height) rank. It leads us

Audios, Cross Block!

Hallelujah. It can be a great thing for honesty, security and uniform view. It is no longer just parallel to superior athletes. Athletes no longer have to fight face to face with a panel that interferes with their vision when they cut over a gate. Young ski coaches no longer have to watch their children drop all the technical basics of cross-blocking like World Cup athletes do.

Full gas

Only 16 people qualified for the main event, which, in terms of time, was not athletic. The only way to qualify is to hit the gas, and some tops even skiers fail to cut. Fitting with fast skating is definitely an advantage because we naturally give up when there is pressure.

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Going the distance is a world-class test

As we saw throughout the TV-friendly 1 ½ hour match, advancing through the rounds demanded rock solid technique. An extra hand, or an extra movement that made an athlete late or unbalanced is unforgivable. There was no slight decrease in concentration as evidence of enthusiastic success was expelled at the final gates. Gateway exercise to maintain flawless technique, tactics and intensity through ten runs. Petra Vlova, not exactly a whimper or a whip, eventually smoked.

The results say it all

At the end of each evening, no one can take issue with who stood on stage, men or women. This form prompted throwing and shining in clean courses, but won the composure, exercise and tactics of an experienced veterinarian.

Tabs? What tabs?

The thin snow conditions at Leg / Source did not allow him to go safely up the mountain, but Waltner expects to “create a little more action” as part of future events.

What’s next?

The loose plan is to settle for certain locations of the parallel-now-all-GS tour that best accommodate and visualize the design for setting up classic events (e.g., Alta Padia for men, St. Morris for women).

The next pairing at the World Championships in Cordina will be just another one this season. It will feature men and women together on the same day as originally intended. Waltner explains that long breaks in the semifinals will then be filled by rounds of the opposite sex rather than rounds to finish 5th to 8th, which makes it easier for spectators and home audiences to understand: “This is one of the key topics: matches that are easy to understand and enjoy from head to head. ”

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