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Coronavirus, pandemia cresce in Brasile - Ultima Ora

Chinese space rocket in the fall, 9 parts of central-southern Italy with caution – the world

Fragments of the Chinese space rocket ‘Long March 5B’ are “areas” of 9 central-southern regions that may be affected by the crash: Umbria, Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Basilicata, Puglia, Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia. The return to Earth on May 9 at 2:24 am is set with a 6 hour uncertain time window. These indications come from the Civil Defense Action Committee convened by the head of the department, Fabrizio Curcio. The advice is to stay indoors, not outdoors, as “pieces are unlikely to cause the collapse of buildings.” Return to the planned atmosphere for the night between Saturday and Sunday.

Revenue projections refer to civil defense, which is subject to constant updates as they are linked to the effects of rocket behavior and atmospheric density on falling materials and solar activity. At the time interval considered, there are three routes covering Italy. Technical Schedule – ASI, (Italian Space Agency), Member of the Office of the Prime Minister’s Military Adviser, Representatives of the Ministry of the Interior – Department of Firefighters, Defense – Koi, Air Force – Isok e degli Esteri, ENAC, ENAV, Ispra and Regional Conference Special The Civil Defense Commission – along with representatives of the potential regions involved, will follow all return steps and provide analyzes and updates on the evolution of operations. “Based on the information currently available by the scientific community – which underscores civil protection – it can provide some useful information to the public so that it accepts self-defense behaviors responsibly: buildings that are considered safer than open spaces so that fragments are not likely to collapse”. However, “it is advisable to stay away from windows and glass doors; fragments that impact the roofs of buildings can damage and pierce the roofs and foundations, thus endangering people: therefore, due to the lack of accurate information on the impact of individual structures, it can be said that floors under buildings are safe; Structurally safe spaces to position itself during impact, for masonry buildings, cabinets on lower floors and in doors loaded with load-bearing walls (thickened), reinforced concrete buildings, near columns and, in any case, near walls; small pieces are unlikely to be visible from the ground before impact; Some large pieces may withstand the impact.Usually recommended for anyone to see is a piece of mold that should not touch it, at least 20 meters away Stay tuned and report it to competent authorities immediately. “

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