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Are we going to find the Netflix style social networking land?

Are we going to find the Netflix style social networking land?

Netflix explores its subscribers on N-Plus, a platform that allows them to discover behind-the-scenes content and share personalized playlists. A kind of social network is still in the idea stage.

Netflix has sent a survey to some of its US customers to test the idea of ​​a one-page site to learn more about its content and everything around it. It can be podcasts, production, interviews, games, etc. Temporary name of the project: N-Plus.

Its real interest will be in its social dimension. Users can share customized playlists with each other, but also with relatives who are not yet customers – a great way for Netflix subscribers to go fishing. The survey also triggers the opportunity to list the music of the series and the films available on stage, and then the opportunity to re-share one’s own playlists.

Influence before airing a series

N-Plus could be used to distribute information around future Netflix programs. Users may even influence their development by their comments before the shooting is over. They can post reviews of different series and movies on the platform and read similar texts by other subscribers.

According to D.N.W., No service charge is required and can be consulted directly from the browser.

You need to know the probability of seeing this project develop, if so, at what point in time. But the existence of this poll is a good indication of which direction Netflix is ​​looking in now. A direction that focuses on audience interaction and investment … exchanging a little more information about their consumption habits.

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