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Will HarmonyOS replace Android from other manufacturers?  Hawaii opens the door

Will HarmonyOS replace Android from other manufacturers? Hawaii opens the door

Last week, a rumor was announced that several major brands would drop smartphones Android in favor of Harmonios. According to a leak, companies like Oppo, Vivo or Xiaomi have contacted Hawaii to implement its operating system in a way that could harm Android. Without confirmation, Hawaii opened the door.

HarmonyOS 2.0

HarmonyOS 2.0 // Source: Ars Technica

As expected on the Matte X2 or Matte Bad Pro 2 tablet, HarmonyOS will not be the only operating system offered on Hawaii devices. In any case, this is not an opinion Leakage Surely வெய்போ Last week he pointed out that many smartphone manufacturers are planning to replace Android with the Huawei OS, the site was discovered Dekroder. The comments were later confirmed by the MyFixGuide site, which also cited another source.

Among the interested brands, the rumor announced Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi or Meizu. For almost two years, a Chinese lead to support the great hatred of Americans who have been developing a system that allows them to fight on an equal footing with Android and other iOS.

« Some cell phone makers have contacted Hawaii to replace the Harmonios with their devices. », Wrote until the leak. But no actor involved reacted then.

Hawaii does not deny sharing

Hawaii was the first to respond to the rumor. On the site Doctor,Chinese company “HarmonyOS is available for all smartphone manufacturers“. One way to confirm, but to keep the door open for those who want to test … in addition to other potential candidates.

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In this way, Hawaii presents its OS as a true alternative to Android and iOS, and is no longer a system for its own galaxy products. Therefore, HarmonyOS may be offered as an alternative to other manufacturers that do not need to drop Android.

But there is no doubt that many will be waiting to see what the OS value is on the first Hawaii devices, which will be fitted with it before giving it to the sirens tenor (little) fell. Because of its first appearance, it was reviewed by the siteArs Technica, HarmonyOS has become like Android