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The (real) 2021 address for accessing the RARBG site is here

Want to download series, movies or video games? The RARBG site is often a reference for peer-to-peer followers. But what is his address?

In recent years, illegal downloads have continued to grow strongly around the world, but also in France. Despite the increase in legal offerings (Amazon, Prime Video, Disney +, etc.), Internet users continue to want to find new content without paying. There are many sites, but some, like RARBG, have been around for many, many years.

RARBG, a torrent site launched in 2008

RARBG is a site created in 2008. First of all, this is a Bulgarian-born BitTorrent tracker. We can still see its trace with the name. In fact, RARBG’s “BG” stands for Bulgaria. But since then, he has found a very strong international audience. This is a preferred channel for those looking for high quality content, mainly in English.

What types of files and content are provided in RARBG?

The list is long, but many important sections stand out. We see Ultra HD or 4K images, but also games, software or music.. In the existing sections, there is “trailers” or “TV shows” and even content for adults.

How does the peer-to-peer site work?

Today, with the success of the well-known “download zone” especially in France, many Internet users have become accustomed to the direct download or streaming system. This is the easy way out today For many Internet users who want to search for illegally downloaded content on the Internet. RARBG runs on another computer. This is actually a torrent site.

In this post, as many sites have closed in recent years, It has now established itself as an international standard. The torrent system uses “peer to peer”, which means the exchange between two or more computers. So you need to install specific software on your computer that can handle this protocol. By searching for a torrent link or a magnetic link, you can start downloading from multiple sources at once. This is done for free but completely illegal..

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RARBG Official Website Address

A site in the eyes of the authorities

Surprisingly, due to its nature, So RARBG is in the view of the authorities. Internet service providers and governments in many countries believe that the site does not respect copyright. Therefore, like many sites with a similar purpose, it is subject to complaints from the owners (recording companies, studios, actors, singers, etc.).

RARBG is in the view of both Bulgarian authorities, but this was stated by a representative of the Ministry of Commerce in the United States. Now it is banned in many countries. Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom topped the list in 2014. Since then, we have seen Portugal, Italy, Belgium and India.

The creators of RARBG do not hesitate to change the site from one domain name to another. Can escape the authorities’ blockade. But it can be very difficult to find some web users who do not use this type of functionality for a website.

What is the official address of RARBG?

Depending on your country, you may not have easy access to it.. Even worse, if you try to find a site by querying on Google or another search engine you are more likely to find another site that claims to be RARBG. However, this may be a fake site that wants to recover your personal data or endanger your computer equipment.

That is why, if you want to access RARBG without taking any risk, it is worth following our guide. So we can give you The official address of the site is as follows:

List of RARBG pronouns and base glass

Incidentally, this address is not accessible when you want to access it, A better solution is to choose a RARBG proxy or a RARBG glass base. Here is a short list, which is definitely not exhaustive.

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RARBG Official Website Address

Easy access to the site, You may need to change your DNS provider. Like many French Internet users, you use what is provided to you by your web operator. To unblock RARBG, you can quickly change the DNS provider by following the tutorial provided on our site or by using a VPN for your security.

Note that you can also use alternatives to RARBG, The most famous are The Pirate Bay, YggTorrent or Kickass Torrents. Information on these different download websites can be found on our pages.