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Check Ontario results and technical support

Check Ontario results and technical support

What the results mean

When the application scans a code QRSome results are possible:

  • A green check mark, viz Verified
  • A warning in yellow, viz That’s a problem
  • Red “X” means proof of vaccine Invalid

Businesses, companies and individuals can call the Provincial Immunization Information Center Technical assistance 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm plus:

Green to check

This result means that the vaccine is certified Meets Ontario requirements To the entrance

Companies will ask you to show proof of identity.

Learn about authorization to use with this service.

Yellow alert in case of problem

A yellow warning screen means:

  • Your code QR Can Disabled, or
  • Your code QR Posted In order to prevent the application from being scanned, Where
  • Scan screen Has been arrested After 30 seconds

The application will scan Uniquely :

  • Codes QR Published by Ontario In enhanced vaccination certificates
  • Codes QR Health cards CleverProvided by government or health agencies Ontario, On British Columbia, To Quebec And at Yugan

As soon as possible, more health officials will be added to the application.

Learn about Conditions and guidelines that allow entry and some exceptions.

We are Do not accept Codes QR Issued by:

  • Use of NGOs or websites
  • By other government or health agencies, for now

Go to page Learn how to get your updated vaccination certificate and what to do if you get yellow warning results in use.

Code scanning problem QR Digital

Employees who use the app may wipe the camera lens and try to scan again.

If the staff scans the incandescent light bulb in dim light, they:

  • Ask the viewer to tilt the angle of the phone
  • Try again and confirm the flashing light Not reflected In the code QR
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Visitors can:

  • Increase the brightness of their screen
  • Avoid having their code QR In a corner
  • Zoom the screen to code QR Occupies the entire screen
  • Keep their code QR Stable and close

Printing problems

Problems with the code may arise QR Did the visitor print the updated vaccination certificate.


  • Examine the digital vaccination certificate without the visitor paper document or code QR And an identification document
  • Let the visitor know that there are print profiles per page

Visitors can:

Red X for code QR Invalid

This vaccine is certified Does not meet Ontario requirements for entry, For example:

  • Code QR May indicate The visitor received only one dose of the vaccine
  • He can 14 days have not passed Because the visitor received their second dose
  • From The information in the code is invalid, invalid or invalid QR


  • Inform the visitor of this certificate Can not Accepted to enter
  • If 14 days have passed since they received the second dose, He needs to upload his latest source As a symbol QR.

Visitors can:

  • Go to page To re-download their updated vaccination certificate
  • Call the Provincial Immunization Information Center 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm

Data collection and confidentiality

For greater confidentiality and security:

  • Proof of verified vaccine will be displayed for 30 seconds, after Deleted
  • Alone Codes QR Health card CleverTrusted ones will be considered scanned and verified and will show a green mark
  • Application Don’t ask Does not record any information that connects the user’s location or locations, visitors or businesses to each other
  • No personal health information has been published or shared. Information required to enter only (decision with name and date of birth to confirm a person’s identity)
  • The application collects Uniquely Anonymous statistics (analysis) data helps to improve the application, including the total number of scans and valid, incorrect or warning results
  • For transparency and security reasons, we will share the application code on GitHub and adopt a vulnerability policy from Czech Ontario
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Learn about the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement of use.

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