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PS5E-Xbox Series X |  Upgrade to the next generation of S - Multiplayer.It

PS5E-Xbox Series X | Upgrade to the next generation of S – Multiplayer.It

Contrary to what has been said in the past, Decland worksImprove the next generation Per PS5E Xbox Series X | S. First Dying light.

The confirmation came directly from the series ‘official Twitter account, which, in response to a user, says that the developers are currently working on the next gen patch of the series’ beloved pioneer, and more details will be announced in the future.

In August, lead designer Pyotr Pavlasic said the studio was not planning Dying Light for next-generation development because it was focusing too much on the development of the sequel and other projects yet to be revealed. So, frankly, the constant demands of the fans should have made the company change its mind.

Su PS4 e Xbox One Dying Light gira a 30 fps, Xbox Series X was able to bring the Decland title to 60 FPS thanks to the FBS Boost mode. Obviously the upgrade for next-generation consoles should give better results, perhaps faster loading times, improvements in the graphics field or, in the case of the PS5, support for DualSense’s exclusive functionality.

Who knows, depending on the release time, re-running the first episode while waiting for Dying Lite 2 is a great avoidance, as you already know it has been postponed to February 2022.

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