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Change: The engineer builds "the world's largest console" and donates it to charity

Change: The engineer builds “the world’s largest console” and donates it to charity

Achieved by an American engineer “The world’s largest Nintendo switch” It was donated to the local Children’s Hospital. This version of the Nintendo Switch, you can see in the video at the beginning of the message and in the image below, It measures 177 cm by approximately 76 cm and weighs approximately 30 kg. Overall, it’s 650% larger than a regular Nintendo Switch.

Created by Michael Big, who This giant Nintendo Swift was donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. He said via Reddit: “Kids love this, honestly, this is the best part of this story. I like the Nintendo switch. It’s small, it’s small … but it’s easy to lose, it was a problem for me, so I decided to create a slightly larger version. By the way, it’s a little hard to fix.

As shown in the video, Every button of this giant Nintendo switch works well, Including joysticks and top buttons. The outer parts of the screen are made of wood. Players can, of course, use a regular controller to play.

This giant Nintendo Switch is in practice A TV and Nintendo Switch Dock are integrated into a support framework. The console is inside the Joy-con frame and the giant wooden buttons, when pressed, activate a series of physical levers that press the actual Joy-con buttons. The same goes for analog sticks. Joy-cons are connected to a power supply to ensure they are not filtered.

Will kids use this to play Monster Hunter Rice? Here is our review: The hunt begins on the Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo Switch: 650% larger